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wood pellet fuel
Why Wood Pellet Fuel?

Wood pellet fuel is a renewable energy source that is clean, consistent, and efficient. It has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel, and with substantially higher BTU value per cubic foot, pellets produce more heat than other fuel sources. In addition, a 40-pound bag of New England Wood pellets produces only 3 ounces of ash and is also far more efficient than cordwood due to its vastly lower moisture content.

new england wood pellet logo Why New England Wood Pellets?

Located in Jaffrey NH, New England Wood Pellet, LLC provides the highest quality product, made from a locally grown, recycled product. By purchasing New England Wood Pellets, you are supporting the local economy of your New Hampshire neighbors. Beyond the local benefits, New England Wood Pellet, LLC is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of wood pellets. New England Wood Pellet, LLC recognizes their responsibility to the natural resources, which ultimately are the source of the material used to make wood pellets.

pellet heatVisit the New England Wood Pellet site for more information

counter order How to Order

Available by the bag or by the ton, you can find New England Wood Pellets at Pelham Building Supply, or place an order by calling 603.635.7555. Delivery* and pre-buy programs are available. Contact a team member for pricing or to place your order today.

*Note: There is a delivery charge for wood pellets.

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